We are a worldwide multi-institute, researching different areas, developing technology, collecting data, publishing work, offering expertise, and educating about the Aramean people.


Our mission is to connect and build long-term relationships with companies, organizations, and private people from all nations, provide reliable-trusted knowledge and data, offer free services, and share our expertise about or related to the Aramean people.

The Aramean Institute's standard work approaches are:


Our vision is to populate, protect, preserve the continuous ancient Aramean heritage and aim to unite all Syrian (Syriac) people under the Aramean name through education and scientific knowledge.


The Aramean Institute was established in late 2020 by Josef Gabrielsson in Sweden.


The Aramean Institute follows the principles of Science and has built the foundation on academic studies made by reliable, respected, and world-leading scholars.

The institute rejects:



The Aramean Institute presents information gathered from knowledgeable Syriacs and Aramaics.

Software code

The Aramean Institute is built on Open Source where anyone can contribute code to our sofware development team.


The Aramean Institute is a nonprofit institution in which no part of the organization's income is distributed to its members, directors, or officers.

We rely on the generous financial support of individuals and organizations to keep the Aramean Institute running.